Original/Restored Resto-Mod/Pro-Touring

About Dream Cars of Texas

Established in 2014, Dream Cars of Texas is a licensed, used car dealer specializing in buying and selling mid-year Corvettes. Expanding into a global marketplace for buyers and sellers of classic cars including restomods (restoration + modern parts/technology), we offer first class consignment and vehicle transport. We handle the business end of every sale confidently. All titles are clean and transferred in-office, making the process quick and pain free for you.

Dream Cars of Texas inspects key attributes to determine overall condition and quality of each vehicle before listing it for sale. Our examination includes but is not limited to:


✓ Paint, stainless trim, and chrome pieces are free of significant flaws
✓ Panel fitment is consistent with even gaps
✓ Glass is free of cracks, scratches, and denting
✓ Wiper blades work properly, are not worn or dry rotted
✓ Hood/Trunk latches and hinges work properly
✓ Door handles and actuators are functional
✓ Convertible or removable tops are present and in working order
✓ Horn functions
✓ Windows roll up and down
✓ Seats adjust and remain in place
✓ Seat belts are in good working order
✓ Functional heater and defrosting system
✓ Operational courtesy lights and hand controls

Engine/ Drivability

✓ Starts and idles properly
✓ Seals and gaskets are free from major leaks
✓ Fluid levels are checked and topped off
✓ Exhaust components are properly installed and functioning
✓ Battery and charging system work to specifications
✓ Basic suspension components are installed correctly
✓ Bushings show minimal wear
✓ Grease fittings are lubricated
✓ Commonly loosened bolts/fittings are tightened
✓ Steering does not pull and steering wheel is centered
✓ Brakes are functional with components in good working order

Cars sold without warranty include full disclosure of inspection findings prior to the sale.